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Fabrics on Spoonflower

Multi coloured Sprig

Turqoise Sugar

Pink Diamond

Blue Sweets

Red Sweets and pink Otava
These fabrics and many more colour versions can be now found in our shop at Spoonflower. We've been really happy with the quality of fabrics and printing they offer, so we are happy to recommend their services. There will be updates as we upload new fabrics in the future. Also to follow will be photos of our projects with the fabrics, and on blog patterns and sewing instructions for clothes and products.

Ordering is easy, you can pay with Visa, but keep in mind that for example in Finland, for orders over 45,50 € a VAT customs tax might be added. Also please note, the colours on the screen in Spoonflower are a lot brighter that in real life. If you want to be sure about the colours, you can order a test swatch of 8 inch x 8 inch for just 5 dollars, plus postage.

Ja sama suomalaisille tilaajille; värit näyttävät Spoonflowerin sivuilla paljon kirkkaammille kuin luonnossa. Jos haluat olla tarkka oikeista väreistä, voit tilata 'Test Swatch' joka on n. 20 cm x 20cm kokoinen pala haluamaasi pohjakangasta, maksaa n. 4 € + postikulut. Maksaa voi visalla, kannattaa muistaa, että yli 45,50 € arvoisiin lähetyksiin USA:sta Suomen tulli voi lisätä 23% ALVin.

Pink Otava

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