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Potato pastry with apple mash

One of my favorite food authors has to be Vivi-Ann Sjögren. This now over 70 year old Finnish lady, an author and an actress has traveled the world and gotten to know the flavors and recipes from all over. Her cooking is not posh or fancy, but down to earth, and she speaks strongly in favor of using simple ingredients, and basically utilizing what ever is in season and you have lying around. The scraps or leftovers are not to be thrown away, but rather utilized in a new, lovely and tasty recipe. She does remind me of Nigel Slater, or rather given her age, Nigel should be called "The Vivi-Ann Sjögren of England". For spring, there are recipes for deep-fried dandelions and for winter stews and stocks, but this potato pastry with apple mash felt very appropriate for just now, especially as I've dug up my potatoes and cooked gallons of mashed apple. I did modify it, only ever slightly, adding a sprinkle of salt to the pastry, some vanilla sugar to the whipped cream and icing sugar on top.

From Vivi-Ann Sjögren's book "Vivi-Annin keittiössä"

150 g cooked and mashed potatoes
150 g butter
150 g all-purpose flour (white wheat flour)
5 dl apple mash
2 dl whipping cream
icing sugar

Mix potato, butter, sprinkling of salt and flour together and leave to set in cool place for an hour. Roll small balls from the dough and roll out flat and thin. Prick with a fork and bake in the oven, in 220 Celsius until crispy and light brown. Cool and then spread apple sauce on one piece of pastry, whipped cream on another, pile them and stock with third piece of pastry, with sprinkling of icing sugar.

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