tiistai 2. maaliskuuta 2010

The Bestest of Stockholm

... or should I say my personal favorites? Anyway, here's my pick of the nicest places I found on my recent trip to Stockholm, Sweden, and I would recommend them worth the visit when you're in town.

The rug above is from a shop called Herr Judit who sell vintage fashion, accessory and furniture. We went to their shop situated in an old fire station. They also had lovely, old ladders, but I thought that would have been too much to be carrying back to Finland. Anyway, the rug will be perfect next to my book shelf.

Went to a bookstore, and bought socks. Right. Konst-ig, an art bookstore happened to have an exhibition by Yurio Seki, a Japanese Graphic Designer. She has a brand called "Salvia" and had few items and books on sale. Fell in love with the socks straight away, plus they're super comfy.

Had a lovely lunch in Urban Deli, but had to buy salt & vinegar chips too to take home, something that is quite hard to find in Helsinki. Also got some lavender, I've started to try and learn the art of baking, and so far the results have been quite promising. My favorite book at the moment is the Ottolenghi, and they had a recipe for lavender and honey muffins, which turned out really good!

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