keskiviikko 10. maaliskuuta 2010

The Bestest of Helsinki Second-Hand

"Pastoraali" Designer: Esteri Tomula for Arabia. In production 1965-1969

"Emilia" Designer: Raija Uosikkinen for Arabia. In production 1957-1966

These photos are from my favorite tableware second-hand shops in Helsinki. The above two are from Astialiisa, on Runeberginkatu 59. Probably one of the biggest selections I've seen in Helsinki, beautifully presented and in good condition.

The photos above are from Kaunis Arki, on Mariankatu 20. There's two little shops next to each other, full of furniture, tableware and also gorgeous lamps.

And then these are from Nasta, on Liisankatu. On top of tableware, they also have lovely vintage clothing, shoes, bags and jewelery.

3 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, those cups from Arabia are gorgeous! Here in the Netherlands I am always searching for Arabia items in the second hand shops. My latest find were two cups and saucers (pretty new design) and I gave them to my mum, she already had two of the same design. But when I see these designs, they are great! mmm, bit jealous now...

  2. Hi, yes, I love those Arabia things too! If you want to see a big selection of old Arabia tableware on line, here's a link to a shop:

    They also have a big catalog of Arabia's different patterns, I think it's only in Finnish, but you can view the pictures :)

  3. Thanks! A lot of patterns I haven't seen before, nice!