lauantai 3. lokakuuta 2009

Pulmu -birds

Our new birds are finally here! They will be in shops starting next week. We will concentrate on selling the fabric for making the birds yourself, this lets you have the pleasure of making them, and it's also environmental friendly, as we can use less packaging material. You'll be able to use all of the fabric, what strips of fabric you don't sew, you can use as filling for the birds.

We'll be posting instructions how to make different products out of the fabric here on the blog during next months. But first, here's a little story on how we make our Pulmu-birds, though of course you can make them as you wish. Don't throw away the rest of the fabric! There's more you can do with it.

1. You'll need the fabric, scissors, measuring tape, pencil, pins, sewing machine, thread and a needle and filling for the bird.

2. Measure 2 cms from the edge of the printed bird and make a marking with pen.

3. Cut the bird off along the marks.

4. Do the same with both bird prints.

5. Stich the edge of the cut-offs with an interlocker or zigzag-stich.

6. Pin the prints together, right sides towards each other.

7-8. Stich them together with the sewing machine, but leave about 10 cms gap for turning the bird and filling.

9. Iron the seam allowance as in the picture, this will make it look a lot tidier when filled.

10. Turn the bird through the gap so that the printed sides are on the outside.

11. Insert filling through the gap into the bird. We use polyester filling made for cushions, it can be washed and there's no lumps. If you have cushions that you're not using anymore, wash them if possible and use the filling for these birds.

12. Fold the interlocked edges inside and close the gap with pins.

13. Sew the gap by hand for tidiest result.

14. Love for years to come.

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