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Arts and crafts company of the year 2009!

One of the patterns Miia designed for the city of Seinäjoki earlier this year.

Today Pattern Bakery was awarded the "Arts and Crafts company of the year 2009" title! The award was announced at Seinäjoki, Finland in a ceremony held at the annual fair. We are very pleased and happy about this recognition!

We are especially delighted for the open mindedness of the jury as they have understood us as something more diverse than just a design studio. We actively pursue to develop connections between areas of design and craft and to create tools for companies and creators to use. The jury especially thanked the versatility of Pattern Bakery as well as the abstract, conceptual design so typical to the present times.

Here are some other of the criteria from the jury:
- a fresh business idea, complete concept to create patterns for an extensive variety of purposes
- the quality of design shows not only talent, but also the depth given by of education
- ability to find the networks that best benefit from their skill as well as suits the group itself
- As the web is an important marketing channel, the company's website is well thought, very functional and looks great. You can almost taste the deliciousness and smell the freshness.
- The company idea represents a successful way of working. The design is up to date and fitting to national as well as international markets. The company has a global attitude and already something to show of international success.

This year the competition was by invitation only and there were five competitors from all over Finland. The jury consisted of the editor-in-chief Kati Ekko of Moda magazine, interior designer and entrepreneur Anne Melender from Sisustuksen Koodi, director of Sedu adult education center Virpi Lehtimäki and the president of the Etelä-Pohjamaa Crafts Organization, Kaija Uola.

See their press release (in finnish).

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