torstai 17. syyskuuta 2009

Sauna Savu

All pictures and photos courtesy of Sauna Savu.

This beauty is my favorite of Habitare -fair last week. A sauna called Savu, one of the four finalists in competition for architects and designers under 35, this years theme was to design a sauna.

Made out of left-over or used, recycled timber, the surface on the inside and outside has been burned, an old but forgotten way to protect the wooden buildings from weather. Burning the surface has been used at least in Nordic countries and Japan, away burn also inpurities like dirt, mold or concrete otherwise maybe found in recycled timber.

This object to me is the epitome of what sauna should be. Pure, calm, almost like a nest, safe haven, place to relax and empty your mind. Both visually and in athmosphere, it was beautiful.

From 21st of September to 8th of October, Sauna Savu resides at Cable Factory, where these photos are from. Every evening from 18-21 it will be heated for public use, and during day time and weekends it can be viewed as an exhibition piece. More info here.

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