keskiviikko 16. syyskuuta 2009

Habitare 09

For the past couple of weeks we've been privileged with an intern. Annika is studying for a BA in Textile Design, with a specific interest in free-lance pattern design, and she has been great help with assembling the new trend and colour charts for future seasons. Last week we sent her to Habitare -fair, and here's few things she found interesting at the fair.

Beautiful Käpy (cone) paper lamps by Anne-Mari Vierikko.

Designer Anu Penttinen of Nounou design had made a wall of perhaps trial pieces? The different colours and shapes created an interesting surface.

Lovi's products are for self-assembly. Made in Finland, mainly of birch plywood, they are easy to put together to make the final three-dimensional shape. At the fair they had for example different sized trees, birds and balls, their smallest items are postcard sizes.

Finlayson had an interesting, big, cube shaped fair booth, decorated with one of their Autumn patterns, also seen here on the left. It's called "Kuutio" (cube) and inspired by Rubik's cube.

Brainwood had made an interesting wall for their fair stall by combining different surfaces out of plywood. The company makes panels for interior design and acoustics for both public and private spaces.

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