perjantai 4. syyskuuta 2009

Helsinki beat'n hum!

Every year the Helsinki Festival challenges itself to be bigger and more beautiful and more varied than last year. Here are my highlights from the week:

The opening concert of Flow Festival and there the Acid Symphony Orchestra. 10 of the top electronic musicians and DJ:s of Finland led by the composer/dj/producer Jori Hulkkonen. The orchestra is armed with synthesizers , drummachines and black suits. A perfect example of how simple things combined with the perfect attitude can carry and hypnotize the crowd. Can't stay still watching this act! It was a great opening act for Krafwerk that came up next.
The festival setting gave it's own flavor: an old gas-factory turned culture-center.

The concert of Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed.
The main stage of the Helsinki Festival is a huge tent that is annually built next to one of the many bays within the center of the city. An idyllic setting for mesmerizing acts. I didn't exactly go inside the tent, but we sat outside and on the other side of the fence. Still, though you couldn't see a thing, the mere sound took your breath away. As far as I could tell, the same happened to the tens or a hundred people with the same idea. No-one spoke a word as they stood with their bicycles or sat on their blankets or just stopped while walking by to listen to this couple.
Applauds within the tent got a backing from the choir of ringing bicycle bells outside.

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