torstai 16. heinäkuuta 2009

Omelette of new potatoes and wild things

This should come as no surprise: I love food. And cooking. I love all kinds of food; the gimmicky new french cuisine, the southern comfort food, robust Italian countryside food, hot eastern food full of flavor, heavy Russian food, vegetarian or vegan food, or the Scandinavian pure and delicate flavors. I can cook for couple of days or complicated recipes before parties or special occasions and enjoy it, but what I mostly cook myself seems to be defined by three things:

1.It should taste good,
2.It should be relatively easy to make,
3.What do I have in the fridge or cupboard that needs to be used?

I simply HATE throwing food away and always try to figure out how to make use the ingredients I already have in what ever I'm cooking. This recipe fulfills all three requirements, it uses ingredients usually in my fridge, or leftovers, or stuff growing in the garden or yard.

Ingredients on top row: Eggs (the organic ones really taste much better), steamed new potatoes cooled (leftovers from yesterdays lunch, I usually cook few extra, they are really nice cold with butter and salt, or on rye bread, or focaccia...)

second row: whatever edible leaves you find or have laying around, I had basil leaves, marjoram, spinach, (third row) lady's mantle, lovage, thyme and an onion stem underneath. You will also need olive oil, salt and black pepper and couple of tablespoons of water.

First fry the sliced potatoes in oil until golden brown, whisk the eggs with water and pour on top. Chop the lady's mantle, lovage and onion, and of thyme, use only the leaves. The delicate leaves are best not heated too much, so sprinkle them on the omelette when it's done, and fold it in half. Served here with a garnish of pea flowers, also edible. Some grated hard or feta cheese hidden between would be nice here as well. It was easy to make on a lazy holiday day, and was full of lovely flavors too!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Ok, this settles it. I'm officially going to start writing down your recipes in a notebook of their own! A good old-fashioned hand-written recipebook. :)

  2. Thanks duckie! Looking forward to those escargots...

  3. such a lovely recipe and photos.
    simple food with lively flavors are my absolute favorites.
    just found your blog and enjoy it very much.
    i'll be back.

  4. Oh, thanks! Looking at your blog that comment about the photos is a real compliment!