keskiviikko 19. marraskuuta 2014

Festive Atmosphere

"It's not the calendar date that makes a celebration, it's the people. Sometimes even preparing for a party can turn the everyday into a small celebration; adding decorations and setting the table, small but immensely enjoyable things. Being together is more important than having clean floors.The darkening nights are an invitation to decorate the home, make it cosy and ask friends over for some mulled wine. A Christmas atmosphere can easily be created using soft, warm and welcoming textiles, which this year feature reds in apple and cranberry shades accompanied by metallic tones." 

The Melba table textiles by Miia create a holiday atmosphere at home. Find your own from Finlayson

Melba kitchen and interior textiles, Finlayson 2014 / Photo: Suomen Kerta

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