perjantai 20. joulukuuta 2013

Pattern Bakery style Christmas in Porvoo

Season's Greetings from Porvoo to all! 
These pictures are from Salla's home, an old school dating from 1939. The place is newly renovated but you can still see the charming features of a traditional Scandinavian loghouse. 

Behind this door you will find naturally a home where 
Pattern Bakery designs are proudly presented and present allover. 

 The biggest classroom has been turned into a kitchen and dining room.

Salla's bedlinen design "Välke" for Finlayson serves as tablecloth. 

"Välke" in red brings a lovely Christmas feeling. 

Fun project from last year 2012: Arabia's Joulukylä illustrated by Pattern Bakery. 

If you wish to have these for yourself,  i.e. Finnish Design Shop can help you out.  

Quite sweet spoons, aren't they! 

Dear all - we wish you a lovely, relaxing Christmas holiday!

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