perjantai 11. lokakuuta 2013

Lysti for Arabia

We recently had a chance to work on a fun project for a long-term Finnish table wear company called Arabia. They asked us to do an illustration for their new kids' collection, with plates and cups.

There are two different "starter sets", with mugs with two handles for easy hold and plates that help getting the food off the plate also for the kids themselves. The shape was designed by Richard Lindh in the 80s. The new shapes for older kids (I'll be using them as well, so for adults) was designed by Pekka Paikkari. Pattern Bakery was responsible for the illustration. We wanted to create a colourful, new forest, with lots of different animals and happenings. As with lots of our illustration projects, there are small details that create the world, lots of little fun things for eaters to find.

My favorites are probably the little, yellow creature, reaching for the drink with his straw and the bear hiding behind the mushroom (or is it his nose?). The collection is called 'Lysti' ('Fun' in english) and you can find more on-line here. Thanks to my lovely niece and nephew for being such good sports and letting me take some photos of their Lysti-moments. The extra plates and table wear is vintage Arabia.

Oh, and hope you have a nice weekend!

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