perjantai 16. elokuuta 2013

Valmu for Finlayson

Autumn-Winter 2013
Colours for the Russian customers
Spring-Summer 2013

Autumn-Winter 2012
Spring-Summer 2012

Spring-Summer 2012

It has been fun to follow the progress and development of this pattern. Designed by Minttu at Pattern Bakery, it was sold to Finlayson for their Spring-Summer -collection 2012. Though once the pattern design has been sold, and it is out of the designers hands and work board, it's still interesting to see how the new owners interpret it. They re-coloured it to match their colour selection, and have added new colours for every new season since. The latest addition for this coming winter-season is a lovely, cool aqua. I think it's also a good example of how the feel of the pattern changes with different colours.

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