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Rhubarb syrup, taste of early summer!

The season has come for rhubarb, and everyone I know, is almost desperately seeking for recipes to use  even some of the stalks before they turn woody. As we have been lucky to have a couple of weeks heat wave recently, this recipe is definitely my favorite. Drink it well chilled, or with vanilla ice-cream...

Use less sugar to make it more like juice. You can use orange juice or lime instead of lemon, or try adding strawberries or cinnamon stick. The more red stalks you use, the pinker your syrup becomes.

To make rhubarb syrup:

1,5 litres chopped rhubarb, not peeled
3 dl water
5 dl sugar
2 tbsp vanillasugar
1 dl lemon juice

Boil water and rhubarb in saucepan for 10 minutes. Pour through a sieve and add sugar, let simmer for 10 minutes so that all sugar has dissolved. Add lemon juice and let the syrup cool before pouring it into a container. Keeps refrigerated for a month.

You can pour the syrup on porridge, crepes, pancakes or muesli.

For drinks, here's few suggestions, you'll have to taste as you go along to make it just how you like it. Experiment with herbs and different tonics.

- Simply add tonic or lemonade for non-alcoholic version. Decorate with herbs, such as basil, lemon balm, mint leaves or sliced strawberries.
- Tonic, gin, basil, ice, lime (rhubarb gin & tonic)
- Tonic, vodka, lemon balm
- chopped mint leaves, crushed ice, white rum, soda, lime (rhubarb mojito)
- crushed ice, vodka or gin, vermouth (rhubarb martini)

To celebrate summer and also coming harvest time, here's few labels for your bottles and jars. Best use fit-to-page -command when you print it. Send us your photos if you like!

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