sunnuntai 30. kesäkuuta 2013



Here's couple of images of our Midsummer celebrations last weekend. Midsummer is one of the biggest festivities in Finland, a celebration of the Midnight sun and long-awaited summer. Most people go to summer cottages, if you're a tourist it probably isn't the best time to visit if you're in for a city holiday, as the cities tend to get deserted during that weekend, and shops closed. If you have a chance to visit someone's cottage, it's a magical and lovely time!

We went to west coast, had a barbeque, sauna and good company! Two recipes I can recommend wholeheartedly, first some rhubarb-rose water -syrup marinated strawberries with whipped cream. And the second my favorite barbeque of the summer, grilled broccoli. You have to boil broccoli florets for couple of minutes, dry them and barbeque. Then mix lemon juice, olive oil, red chili, garlic, salt & black pepper and pour it on the broccoli. This sauce works with barbecued kale too. The surprise factor of it being so good is an added bonus!

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