torstai 9. kesäkuuta 2011

Pulmus on vacation

We were happy to find a photo of our Pulmus relaxing in the latest Finnish Deko -magazine. The story is of a house that can be seen in the eco-friendly holiday housing fair in Mäntyharju 27.6.-10.7.2011.

The house in question is called Luukku and has been designed by students from Aalto university. The wooden built house has won prices in Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 in Madrid in a competition to build energy-efficient housing and the Wood Award 2010. See more info here.
The interior decoration is by Kaisa Takala, Minna Piironen ja Hanna-Liisa Pykälä, all students at the Aalto university. Their comment in the Deko-magazine: "Luukku-house is very minimalistic and follows the Scandinavian design tradition. With the interior design we wanted to show Finnish summer cottage feeling in a stylish and modern way".

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