torstai 23. joulukuuta 2010

Christmas time

Amidst all the Christmas rush and the overflowing amount of flavors, colours and things, I find myself craving for something simple for a change. Simple and clean flavors, real comfort food I suppose it could be called, warm bowl of porridge is my choice. Though it was no fast food, as I recently got a brand new fireplace, with a wood burning oven, and I've been experimenting with it ever since. The making of the porridge took about 6 hours, but the result was worth it. (This can be made quicker on the stove or a regular oven. )

I also used, I think it's called hulled barley in English, where the barley is whole, not broken, but the outer layer is removed. (Please correct me if I'm wrong.) To the barley I added 0,5 litres of hot water, and then 1 litre of milk and a pinch of salt. After covering the bowl with foil, it went to the hot oven for about 5 hours. It's not so easy to regulate the temperature in this kind of oven, or at least I haven't got the knack of it yet, so easiest thing is to make foods that are not so particular to the exact temperature.

After few hours the porridge is ready when it looks and smells ready. With some cold milk and sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar, it's my kind of Christmas.

This Christmas is special as it's the first time I'm spending it in my new home.

Wish You All a relaxing and peaceful Christmas time, and also the Very Best for the New Year 2011!

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