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London's Finest Eateries

On my recent trip to England I bought a Lord Peter Wimsey novel and now I'm amusing (or tormenting, it's a fine line sometimes...) everyone around me by blurting out expressions like “right-oh, old friend”, “- and all that” and “Makes one uneasy when a fellow departs from the straight and narrow.” My affection for Lord Wimsey is not the issue here though, but to present some of the most enjoyable food-related experiences of the journey. I would add to this list Bocca di Lupo, where the food was divine, but was so busy wolfing (sorry, couldn't resist...) it down, that I didn't take any photos.

For breakfast we headed for St. John Bread and Wine. Lovely and relaxed, good, straight forward food, and across the road is the Spitalfields Market. One of my favorite food places in London.

The Best bacon sarnie ever.

Poached rhubarb and yogurt. I must try this at home when the rhubarb grows plenty.

Lunch at Ottolenghi. They have few places around London, we went to the one in Notting Hill. You can choose 2-3 salads plus a main course. Everything was lovely, but that broccoli was the best I've ever had.

Now, I'm still not the biggest fan of sweets, but if the good people of Ottolenghi recommend someone else's cupcakes, I thought they might be worth a try. And that they were at the Hummingbird Bakery. Perhaps the most fashionable thing to bake at the moment, with recipes in every magazine, in every shape or form, it surely has reached its peak soon? First there was the macaroon (lovely as they are, quite hard to make yourself), now IT is the cupcake, what next? asks the trend forecasting -person. As a friend of Miss Marple and something less sweet, I'm (hoping of) seeing the good-old-fashioned cake bubbling under. What was on the menu at St. John Bread and Wine? Seed cake and sherry!

And last but not least, fresh oysters at the Borough Market!

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