keskiviikko 6. tammikuuta 2010

House of dreams

We hope you all had wonderful holidays!

In my family we have a tradition of building a gingerbread house for every Christmas. The years have seen all kinds of designs including an airport, a church, a Moomin-house, several cabins, a couple of reindeer herds and the ambitious 4-floor apartment building, which turned out to be inedible. The dough was too hard. Usually buildings have met their doom on New Years eve, when children have fought over the best parts - the ones with most icing and candy.

This year it was just me building the house. I decided on a miniature model of a new playhouse, which will be built at our summer cottage next summer. The house is my parents' and my pet-project for the their grandchildren in the family. Although it took a couple of days, the process is always fun all the way from designing and drawing the parts to the last sprinkle of powdered sugar on top. Though I have to admit I took a shortcut this time: ready-made, frozen dough.

We'll see whether, once built, the actual house will have as many fans as it's gingerbread version.

Have a great year 2010!

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  1. ooo a moomin gingerbread house???
    I think i am adding that to my list of things to do for Christmas 2010!
    hapy new year!