torstai 19. marraskuuta 2009

Morning coffee with the minister

Top: the structures of the main elevators of Sanomatalo, main office of Helsingin Sanomat.

the current minister of foreign affairs, Alexander Stubb and the former minister Erkki Tuomioja being interviewed.

Happy anniversary Hesari!

Finland's biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat is a 120-year old institution this year. They are honoring the anniversary for example by updating the outlook of the newspaper. This week they are serving free coffee and pulla (sweet breads typical of Finland) every morning 7-9 am! The occasion offers also live music and current conversations with acknowledged people.

This morning the coffee was fresh, pulla delicious and conversation funny and inspiring. On the panel were Alexander Stubb, the present minister of foreign affairs, and the previous placeholder Erkki Tuomioja. The refreshing contrast of the two men's opinions created a pleasant and thought-provoking conversation on the "finnish brand" and how our country is perceived abroad. Where Stubb is keen on actively fortifying the positives of the brand, Tuomioja is more sceptical of "branding" countries at all.

See the whole conversation and other morning talks here (in finnish only).

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