maanantai 3. elokuuta 2009

A Very Finnish Lunch

Salad of lettuce, beetroot leaves, lady's mantle leaves, parsley, carrots and pea flowers. All grown in the garden or back yard.

Vendace rolled in flour and fried in butter.

Steamed cauliflower with garlic fried pea pods and basil.

To me, this lunch we had the other day, is the best kind of Finnish and Scandinavian cooking. Fresh and local products, pure, delicate flavors and straightforward recipes. Traditionally there hasn't been many spices in use, I think my grandma's generation used mostly salt and pepper. It can sound boring, but at least the spices don't overpower the delicate flavours of berries, mushrooms and game, traditonally used in Nordic cooking. This is summer food at its best.

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