keskiviikko 5. elokuuta 2009

Paradise food

Mussaman curry of lamb, roasted peanuts, cardamon and pickled ginger

Chicken with plum caramel sauce, star aniseed and cinnamon

Crispy pork with caramelized palm sugar

Soft-shell crab with green mango, mint, lime juice and chili

Cocoa bean cake

Some photos of the amazing food we had last night in Farang. Biased as I may be, as one of the owners and chefs is my kid brother, it was without a doubt the best food I've ever had. So full of beautiful flavors, textures, colours... We had the tasting menu that begun with smoked trout wrapped in betel-leaf, Vietnamese mamachi sashimi that melted in your mouth, then the above pork and crab, Morning Glory which had crispy fried silken tofu, and also soft Vietnamese beef with hot and sour salad. To top all this, a selection of their superb desserts, cocoa cake, roasted banana cake and the best of all, caramelized palm sugar pudding with tapioca on passion fruit. Thanks for these photos Sampo and Sanna. Go see the Farang -website for more pictures, even though it is only in Finnish for now.

As a friend said: Now I know what colours taste like.

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