torstai 9. heinäkuuta 2009

A truckload of colour

Earlier this summer I had the privilege of visiting India. A time well spent travelling around the south-west, mainly Kerala. Fantastic food, awesome scenery and adventure . Besides the food and culture, I think one of the greatest things in travelling is having to challenge and question yourself. India was no exception.

I have never been in India before, so everything was new to me. There was one thing in particular I could not stop admiring: the beautifully painted trucks of Kerala. I was so blown away that I didn't even remember to photograph them! So here I have to resort to others who have been smarter than me. Thanks!

As a comparison, take a look at the über-functional and well desinged Sisu-trucks. A great contrast to these flamboyantly, beautifully ornamented designs. Culture definitely shows through in styles.

Or what do you think?

(Click on the photos to get to the original site and to find more photos on these beauties!)

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