sunnuntai 7. kesäkuuta 2009

Park & Ride

One of the best things about summer for me is that it's also biking season. Ok, sure, one could ride through snow and ice with right gear, but I'm not that hard core. I'm more into pedaling through summer Helsinki sea side and forest parks, and lucky enough to have to ride through the central park on my way to our studio. For my birthday I got an almost 40 year old Raleigh, carefully and beautifully restored, but about her I will tell you later. As she's too pretty to be left outside, one of course needs also a-going-to-a-bar -bike, you know the kind, if it gets stolen, I won't cry myself to sleep. For that I decided to strip and clean an old (but not old enough) bike, I figured it couldn't look any worse, no matter what I would do with it. You could call the look Scandinavian minimalism, if you like. Armed with few screwdrivers, paint wash and steel wool to get the stickers off, I got rid off the useless extra embellishments like mudguards, hand brakes and gears, washed and polished, and the result was maybe even too to my liking, as I would now be quite sad to see it stolen. Plus its sort kelly green -ish colour, The Fashion Colour at the moment...

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