perjantai 24. huhtikuuta 2009

Guerrilla knitting!

Photo found on flickr, from Boston?

We're still busy with the collection and whatnot, but I could not resist telling you about what I read in Metro live today. About ladies who knit and crochet and exhibit their work in public places by attaching the pieces to fences, door handles, lamp posts etc. Finland has few talented ladies of our own, but we are not the only ones, apparently abroad it's called urban knitting or guerrilla knitting. There's a whole subculture going on and to think I never knew! Check out for example these flickr pages knitting folly, urban knitting and masquerade (found through Knittapotkyloita -blog).

It has a light, humorous element in it, but to me it also speaks of people's real need of leaving their mark in anonymous places, claiming the public spaces back from just advertisements, making city human sized and the need for everyday small joys. What could be a better way to make the world a softer, colourful and happier place?

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